Test Truck
Columbus, Ohio
Jeff Brush

The Brunch Box is owned by Eat Curbside co-owner Eric Rud and Chairman Bao alumna Caroline Hummer. The truck was a former LA Food Truck the two purchased from Craigslist, which came with a fully equipped kitchen. Michael Jeter designed the Brunch Box. It serves a selection of delectable morning and midday eats including fluffy ricotta pancakes and saltier things like pork belly hash and poached eggs. There is no affiliation between The Brunch Box San Francisco and the original Brunch Box in Portland,Oregon. Facebook

Where is this truck usually parked?Edit

The Corner of 5th and Market


Ricotta Pancake Souffle w/pinot noir black pepper cherry compte & maple syrup Croque Madame brioche toast w/gruyere, ham, herbed bechamel & shaved aspargus, baked & served with a fried egg Pork Belly Hash seared pork belly cubes w/fingerling potatoes, dijon hollandaise sauce & a poached egg Sour Batard French Toast w/strawberry-rhubarb & buttermilk whipped cream Lamby Sandwhich baguette w/fried egg, merguez sausage, arugula & harissa


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